This section is just to showcase a few bots made for various chat friends. None of the bots pictured below have been released, this is mainly due to the bots been made custom to the user and wouldn't really gain anything more as to what is already out there.
Each bot is built, tweaked and loaded with addons, code requested by the user for the jobs and tasks in hand. Just click any image to enlarge for better visibility. Happy Viewing!

(SideNote: Any code/ideas in these bots that was used from help given by friends. Credits are enclosed within the right place inside remotes.)

Dundee v1 -for- Lucifer -aka- Asher
This is yet another bot requested by our good friend Asher.. Only with this one he wanted the full monty as they say.. This is quite a weapon if i do say so myself..
Loaded with a fully customised filler bot capable of loading 60+ nicks depending on amount of passports added. Full 'Nick System' Logging just about everything on each nick for later use within the menus for various reasons. Full stats system storing/using data externally to the bot. Roomspy System capable of loading bot of room name being 'watched' into selected room and posting full data (fonts, kicks, joins, parts, modes, text colour, male and female). And much more!! It was a pleasure to make this for luc as he has been a close friend for years and deserves this weapon in the making! Plenty more plans for this bot in the future and im sure luc would be happy to share info as the updates are added!

Devils Playm4te -for- Gabbs (Banter Lounge)
Here we have 'Devils Playm4te' A good friend came to me and asked for a new bot, as been a long time since she even set eyes on one.. Of course i was happy to help, The screenshot you see is the outcome of what she requested.. Loaded with all general chat/nick options. Also a few custom bits like a Devoice timer and Guest Kick.. Playm4te is also loaded with protections and runs on a copy of Switch3d Connection.
Together we opened Banter Lounge - Which her bot is mainly customised for and is still receiving updates requested by Gabbs

Lucifer -for- Wookie -aka- Asher
This is Lucifer made for Asher. It has my Multicon Switch loaded as base and custom addons such as Radio Bot, Room Spy, Weatherbot and More! Roomlister for every network with recent channel dialog which only loads chans stored for each network. A few more gadgets, didn't turn out to be a bad little bot if i say so myself!

Conan -for- Wookie -aka- Asher
This is Conan script.. Another one made for asher. However this was made more towards a chat client. The sockbots and addons was loaded into Lucifer. However, Conan is loaded with Multicon Switch and all relevant room listers, modes, commands and so on.

TenaliBot -for- Dj Tenali -aka- Christopher
This was a pleasure to make for my chat brother chris. Chris was still running old scripts that kept disconnecting and flooding out. 4 Days later and Tenali was born. Its loaded with Multicon Switch, Roomlisters, Room Management, Access Lists, WeatherBot v3 and my MultiPassort Filler for anything upto 100 sockbots and much more!

Vipes Radio Bot -for- Dj Viper -aka- Kent
This bot was made for my good friend Kent.. Main reason is he didn't have his own stand alone bot to post radio data he hosting to each network he has room on. So instead of relying on others i offered to make kent his own radio bot. So like the others it has my Multicon Switch, Roomlisters, Access lists and all needed to chat/host a room with added bonus of posting all radio data aired.