.::| Networ[x] Multic0n |::.
Networ[x] Multic0n -by- Wiz4rd -aka- Ashl3y

Well ive done it again! i said i wouldn't but then i wanted the challenge! Thanks to talented coders liks Danger, Err0r, Kevin and Many More it was possible to make this, what i class as an awesome multicon bot.. Fast, Stable, and might be still a work in progress but has some handy toys already!

Networ[x] Is the name given to this joy to work on! MY first ever multicon!! So im especially proud of this one as alot of the theory behind the coding was new.. Once pointed in right direction with a few things from good friends i was well away! LOL

Networ[x] is still a work in progress so there will be more info and screenshots added over time if youde like to check back. In the screenshots shown ive tried to show the journey from start to its finish when done!

Networ[x] is packed with tons of addons and snippets made over past few weeks, Without boring trying to list all, Main ones are things like..

  • Filler Bot (Upto 100 Nicks) Can be Loaded on all Servers.
  • RoomSpy (Post full data from any room with full font codes, colours and events.) (Multicon Updated, Fake Nick Added, Favs System and Halt System Added)
  • RoomClone (Clones any room chosen, Generates all Rooms nicks and then joins room of choice, ABit like roomspy.)
  • ProtBot (Full self protection bot with ability to add other nicks to protection list.) (Multicon Updated, Autojoin Multiple Channels Added)
  • Many Dialogs, Access List, Roomlister (Switches as network changes), Admin Tools, Mode Manager and Much More..
  • Well thats enough of that lol, thanks for taking the time to look at my creation! Hopefully some of you will like it. Hit me up in one of the rooms linked if anyone has any quieries, requests or help needed on something your working on ive already done. Below are a few screenshots complementing the description above. Happy Viewing!!

    .ScreenShots. (Click to Enlarge)