.::| Switched v2 |::.
Switched v2 -by- Wiz4rd -aka- Ashl3y

Here is my pride and joy, the biggest project ive worked on since IdleWarriors. Switched was started after losing all my creations and system 5 years previous. Its been an interesting ride coding this bot, and for all those who helped me along the way with ideas and snippets shared, i Thank YOU!

Sw1tch3d got its name because one of the main features about the connection is its switchable between 6 networks.. (Spcn, DCN, EVO, Buzzen, CClub and ECN) This can be seen in This ScreenShot.
Also switched contains my fully stand alone Fonts System (Click Here) to view. Some of you will have already seen this as its loaded in a few other chatters bots.

Sw1tch3d Also has a Handy 'Nick System' Containing many handy features, like Previous Nick Logs, Clone Check, aswell full room script check (once complete the results highlight nicks found in nicklist and channel window.) Bonus to this system, Its coded so every gate with data (joins, parts, kicks, bans, nick changes, mode count and more) - is stored externally so any other bot i make can refer to the files for what ever is needed. SideNote: each folder of gates is seperated per which server located on so no jumbled mess and total nick/gate counts are accurate. (Click Here) To see Nick System dialog launched from right click in chanmenu or nicklist.

Sw1tch3d is packed with tons of addons and snippets made over past few months, Without boring trying to list all, Main ones are things like..

  • Filler Bot (Upto 100 Nicks)
  • RoomSpy (Post full data from any room with full font codes, colours and events.)
  • RoomClone (Clones any room chosen, Generates all Rooms nicks and then joins room of choice, Bit like roomspy.)
  • Help Bot (Full Help Sockbot with too much to list.)
  • Rss Bot (Displays latest news, comments, screenshots, forum posts from various sites.)
  • UserLevel Bot (Joins, Applies required mode, Then leaves)
  • ProtBot (Full self protection bot with ability to add other nicks to protection list.)
  • Many Dialogs, Access List, Roomlister (Switches as network changes), Admin Tools, Mode Manager and Much More..
  • Well thats enough of that lol, thanks for taking the time to look at my creation! Hopefully some of you will like it. Hit me up in one of the rooms linked below if anyone has any quieries, requests or help needed on something your working on ive already done. Below are a few screenshots complementing the description above. Happy Viewing!!

    .ScreenShots. (Click to Enlarge)