.::| IdleWarri0rs Live Game Stats |::.

In Addition to my prized creation, (IdleWarri0rs) RPG Game for IRC Chatrooms, Below we have a Live (RealTime) Statistics Feed. All Scores / Stats and Data you see are uploaded as they happen..

For those a little confused, IdleWarri0rs is an RPG role-playing game for chatters to battle each other by entering various commands.
All the Commands and Options are displayed to you by typing @help in a room the Game is hosted in.
The game also plays Idle in the background with chatters who lay 'Idle' in the chatroom! Hense the name 'IdleWarri0rs'.
If you wish to know more or fancy having a go then please -Click Here- to open another window taking you to the chatroom the Main Game is hosted. You can also -Visit Here- to ask any questions or post any comments about this section!

Main Game Fights / Battles

│Most Recent Fighter: 🍓™​​​​
│Most Recent Oponent: Hуρєяιση
│Coins Earned in Fight: 365 c
│New Coin Total: 280,763 c
│Weapon Used: Fists
│Damage Dealt in Battle: 415 hp
│New Total Battles(Fighter): 38
│New Total Battles(Loser): 49

Game Stats / Misc Stats

│Last Weapon Purchased: ( None ) by None
│Total Game Fights: 700
│Total Game Kills: 0

│Last Person to Steal: None
│Amount Stolen: 0 c
│Last Victim Stolen From: None

Supply Drop / Scavenge Related

│Random Drop Found By: ( 𝑃𝘩𝑎𝑛𝑒𝑠 )

│Supply Called By: No One
│Coins Found in Drop: 0 c
│Healh Found in Drop: 0 hp
│Package Details: None
│User Total Called Drops: 4