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.::| News & Updates |::.
Addition! || 2020-12-21 6:55:18 PM

Hello World! Almost that time of year!! I Personally hope each and every one of you have a great christmas this year and health remains well throughout your family and friends!.
Another Section as promised as been added to the website! I have added a 'ShoutBox' Here you can comment on anything you find within this website, leave a suggestion you would like to see edited or added in the future, comment on a creation added by another user or simply just say hi!
Please do keep it clean people! Any malicious or harmful content or spam will be removed immediately.

Again thank you all for your continued support and just to finish off.. In the webstats above for IRC you may notice another network added owned by 'Err0r' (Mike) a very good long standing friend and excellent coder. a 'Wiz4rds_Doma1n' Has been opened there and at Chatcc and ECN.. So now we are reachable on all networks! =)

Ashl3y -aka Wiz4rd 

Updates and News!! || 2020-12-05 4:37:32 PM

Hey Guys and Gals!! Hope your all well! Its been some time since our last post but with good reason! Im Proud to announce we have a new addition to the Wiz4rd family due in Feb!! So much time has been spent preparing house and getting things in order ready for our new bundle of joy!!

Now we got the best news out the way lol, Also there is a New Project added to Projects section (Networ[x]) This is my very first attempt at a multicon for the IRC networks. With help from some great friends it has turned into a great project to work on and still ongoing, so please keep checking back for updates!

More time will be spent adding content recommended by you all as i get more free time online so again thank each and every one of you for your support and help! Means to world to me!

Please feel free to keep letting me know your suggestions and comments on the site, including things you would like to see or become available on here even though it is mostly personal based. I still like to think its a place we can all gather to share and admire our code :) and help with other aspects of the web and hardware..

Wiz4rd -aka- Ashl3y 

Website & Stats Update! || 2020-10-03 3:03:55 PM

Hey Guys & Gals! Firstly, Thanks for all your continued support. I appreciate all the comments when in the chatrooms and in our conversations. It means alot!

A few little additions and changes have been made to the site for those who havent noticed or are unaware.. In the Projects & Extras section i have added a page about the biggest project ive have made since IdleWarriors.
Also another section ive added about creations ive made for other people (Chat Bots) This section contains screenshots of things i have made for people along with brief description, Feel free to go take a look! =)

Lastly i have updated the Stats box at the top, It now displays live stats of how many people are in each Wiz4rds Doma1n room, hosted on each of the 6 networks. Just click the green open or the icon to join us in the chatroom. Your free to join as guest or make an account to have a proper nickname and profile (free)

Many thanks again guys!!

Wiz4rd -aka- Ashl3y 

A New Chapter! || 2020-09-27 6:44:04 PM

Hello My Favourite People!!

Welcome to Wiz4rds Doma1n.. I Thought it was time i created a little space where i/you can share my creations, your creations, friendly & free help and support between us all! Uploads and Shares such as screenshots, snippets, downloads and more!

Here i hope to create a place where anyone will feel welcome and can hopefully find the help they need. Soon the snippet section will be complete where anyone can upload code to either share or ask advice on. We in the IRC world are all one family so its only right we all help each other! As everyone knows im always upto/making something so please keep checking back for updates as site is under heavy construction at the moment! Please keep checking back or better still check us out in one of our chatrooms linked above!